26 November 2009

> Access to all relevant information on the spot. ELSE: shit

Whatever, access to information is prime, not information.
Access right there, right then, to all and any information relevant or required to interpret the stuff.

If a programming language doesn't explain itself completely on the spot, with communications realizing themselves faster than you can realize it, it's shit.

Everything must work like the brain - one touch instant.
- no time to read books
- no time to search & load the manual
- no time to search words in the manual
- Only time for a burst of clicks.

Got it fuckhead? On the spot, and on the fucking double!

23 November 2009

> Crin Antonescu: Îi rog pe români să numere voturile. Cu ajutorul poporului am putea infrange dusmanul.

Crin Antonescu: Îi rog pe români să numere voturile. Avem şansa să trecem în turul doi(New Tab)
Îi rog pe susţinătorii mei să nu ia în seamă aceste sondaje profund minicinoase, îi rog să nu le facă jocul, şi să numerele voturile.
... deci noi poporu sa numaram voturile?

Regula=Se spune nimic din adevar.
Jocul=Praf in ochiul condusului.
Adevarul=Toti minus condusii castiga. Varful conducatorilor castiga mult mai mult.Conducatorii nu functioneaza onomatopeic, desi nu ating standardul uman; sunt si ei sub-oameni. Toti membrii conducerii mimeaza turma, "joaca jocul", arata ca maimuta cu degetul la "inamicul nostru", aratam si noi, fura cat pot, cat nu pot nu. Niciodata nu zic nimic.

Parerea mea=Crapa-v-ar matele. Da din principiu, nu ca as fi suparat ca voi conducatorii va furati caciula primita din vecini din fondul "Putinţa" si noi ramanem cu piciorul descult, strigand la televizor: "Da-le Base, ca ne fura si ne mananca pe toti!".

"La ora 19:00 "... "un milion de oameni erau la vot." (inamicul nostru)
"Nu vreau să comentez manipularea pe care o fac sondajele." (Regula=Se spune nimic din adevar.)
"Domnule Vântu, domnule Voiculescu, sfidaţi voinţa românuilor." (inamicul nostru)
"Zeci de mii de oameni nu vor mai apuca să voteze" (ca ne fura si ne mananca pe toti!)", în vreme ce autobuzele lui Băsescu şi Geoană au votat de dimineaţă', a spus Crin Antonescu." (inamicul nostru)
"Vom număra în această noapte voturile şi vom vedea cu toţii că votul dumneavoastră e mai puternic decât aceste manipulări." (Da-le Base) (arata ca maimuta cu degetul (sau cu votul) la "inamicul nostru", aratam si noi)
"Domnului Geoană îi spun că era cam trist pentru un rezultat aşa de bun." Desigur, noi cei ne-inamicii nostri beneficiem de fondul "Putinţa", noi nu suntem tristi.
"Indiferent cine va câştiga această competiţie, noi am luptat cinstit" (Regula=Se spune nimic din adevar.) (Praf in ochiul condusului.) (Adevarul=Toti minus condusii castiga.) (noi ramanem cu piciorul descult) (ca ne fura si ne mananca pe toti!) (arata ca maimuta cu degetul)

Ei, ei, Crin Antonescu. Unde ti-e caciula? EDIT: la PSD. Nu-mi vine sa c .. ba-mi vine.

Smecheri jucatori de joc

PS: Ca si anti-vot am votat cu Crin Antonescu. Nici un interes aici, lupul infant fura mai putin.

21 November 2009

> Neruopsyablagist writes numb literature to offend our sense of security by inserting hidden meaningful a's into her interesting crap.

Kicking performance affects perception of goal size(New Tab)
ATHLETES who are a on a winning streak often claim that they perceive their targets to be bigger than they actually are. After a run of birdies, for example, golfers sometimes say that the cup appeared to be the size of a bucket, and baseball players who have a hit a few home runs say that the ball is the a size of a grapefruit. a Conversely, targets are often reported to be smaller than they actually are by athletes who are performing badly.

Research carried out in the past 5 years suggests that these are more than just anecdotes, and that performance in sports can actually affect perception.
How about whoring yourself for a million bucks and selling your soul to me and I'll teach you a method that enables you to exactly quantify any sensation? I mean any sensation, not just the ideal types but also all their material modulations?

Why do you have a ton of mind numbing explanations to simple facts that can be summed up in a short paragraph? Literature. Shitheads spending a fortune on bargains and others writing tons of small big a interesting to know aa facts. Aaa... huh huhuhuhuh.

You suck. It's like, you're a neropsyolgist and you think you're so smart, even if you're deformed with big ears, coz you have sharp feelings, but you're just stupid. (I found out this in a study made by 23 angry factory workers who all worked in different factories producing different kinds of goods on their factory appointed mental health care professionals who at the time were wearing carrots for hats and/or turbans. Their reason for this was not entirely clear, though.)

20 November 2009

> Secret services. Spying.

Romanian spy kids(@ BBC CO UK)(New Tab)

The Securitate, with its network of agents and informers, struck fear into the hearts of ordinary Romanians.
"The network was active in all districts. Kids as young as 12 or 14 were part of this. They were supposed to spy on their schoolfriends, their schoolfriends' parents and also their teachers."
"Telling on people" was never the problem in communist states.
Violence, mutual brainwashing, and violence, this was the problem in communist states.

Now that Romania is democratic, the telling is finally over. (You can tell that also by the mass denunciation of it by politicians / state institutions / media / the people. In fact you can be sure of it, because the denunciation actually never seems to stop for more than a wile.)

> Night of the living date.

We live in a world of idiots. Not idiots by intellect, but by construction.
And every day I wake up to bullshit fed to idiots that brainwashes me into thinking I'm one of them. And by the evening I know I'm not, but then so do they.

Bullshit fed to idiots. On the front page of Youtube.

I know, art is made for everybody and you get what you interpret, bullshit for the shit eaters, drops of art for those enjoying a higher standard and stumbling into the thing, coz unlike the morons they can warp their minds around shit and enjoy life at it's best whatever the given setting. And because I look at it I suck and because I blame the idiot instead of resisting or doing something else I suck even more. I know. But that's no justification for people to be stupid and invade everything with their distorted perception. If I eat shit because of them, I want them too to feel the taste of the shit they eat.

We live in a world of fucking idiots and there's no way out of it.

Fuck idiots! Fuck their feeders! Fuck everything that satisfies primarily the idiots, like they could tell the difference if they were given the smallest part of the pie. If you don't agree with this you are certainly a moron at least, maybe just another fucking idiot.