24 December 2009

> Roger Ebert 2001: A Space Odyssey. FAIL.

Roger Ebert 2001: A Space Odyssey (New Tab)

"The fascinating thing about this film is that it fails on the human level but succeeds magnificently on a cosmic scale.

Kubrick's universe, and the space ships he constructed to explore it, are simply out of scale with human concerns. The ships are perfect, impersonal machines which venture from one planet to another, and if men are tucked away somewhere inside them, then they get there too.

But the achievement belongs to the machine. And Kubrick's actors seem to sense this; they are lifelike but without emotion,[...]"

So without emotion.

When I saw 2001 my brain flooded itself with chemicals. I was literally on drugs; natural drugs. I had a hyper heightened state of perception. I experienced deep, resonating waves of pleasure, sensing every object in the movie like it was an extension of me. A far, far away extension of me.

The movie succeeded beyond words at a human level. This is how it is, pecker head:

Everything in the world is perfect. Imperfectness is perfect, like everything. Stones are perfect. Humans are perfect. Imperfect humans perfecting themselves do it perfectly; while they fail miserably also.

In their imperfectness, the people of hardly reachable success like the ones doing the deeds in the movie, are seen as they are, in a state of perfectness chosen by God to bear the next evolutionary step. Their imperfectness is Godliness. It is awesome. It is spirit shattering. This goes on from the first images and through the entire movie. The presence of man and intelligence is shattering in every frame, felt a thousand times, infinite, inextinguishable, every time greater than the any.

The desert pictures at the beginning were forebearing everything the movie would be. Some say yes, nice pictures but, but I say you just refuse to allow yourself to exert synthetic propositions based on perfect, complete affective propositions. Your affection cannot grow, because, only because and completely because you can not get one single perfect grain of affectivity. You cannot multiply to reach infinity starting from something that is less than itself.

Your affection and realness is dead, dude.

P.S.: I have a hundred good things to say about you at each bad thing. I'll never forgive you, you trashed the greatness of 2001. The unbelievable greatness, absolutely flawless greatness, colossal, incomprehensible infinite greatness of 2001, by shitting in the middle of it with your demented affectivity judgement. Humanly, you are the monkey who never sees the special nature of the right angled corners.

you ape!
i want to beat you up! ... not

EDIT: I'm really gonna fucking beat you up for this

... not

"Kubrick's universe [...] simply out of scale with human concerns."
Here it is, your petty human concerns: dying of hunger, because food is too nutritious and makes us live. bad thing.

19 December 2009

> Something sucks heavily in Chrome & Firefox & IE. (Not in Opera.)

Load them. → Try and select any text from this empty link until here| (DON'T TOUCH THIS YOU LOSE TOO MUCH TIME→)Here be dragons and muuud that slows down everything you do very much DON'T TOUCH THIS IT BURNS. Be quick stick to the plan.

Think and act fast, no time to point your cursor somewhere else and drag IT BURNS and reclick the dog will bite you, somebody's at the door they will steal your children if don't call your boss right now, scratch, scratch, scratch, oh that thing it never goes away, there's no more time aaaaah!

12 December 2009

> My soul cried that day.

Metallica - Death Magnetic sucks.
Metallica is dead. But, God fucking damn it, long live Metallica!!

I stole it quickly from the net because they will concert in my area. I will delete it after one complete listening. I will never buy it. It sucks.

Metallica are not an icon, they are not saints protecting us. They have no duty to sing well for us. Lars said they do it for themselves and if we benefit then plus good. That's the attitude that brought the most good upon our species in all history.

I am sorry that they got old spiritually. It wasn't because of the money. But it was too. Because it was their natural limit; after you wake up from the angry dream you have to build something. They got rich, they got free, they got revenge, they got what they wanted. Now their emptiness shows. They crushed well, but they know not to build. Their album, released, sadly, is a mental regurgitation of old musician dudes that lost touch and try to remember. In vain.
I didn't want Metallica to get old. As much as alive, people can get back from the dead. I hope they do, but on the chart they usually don't..


Our planet's current civilization is a metempsychotic rebellion against the leaders. Metallica were very good.

There's nothing more at it. Just puddles of fresh water surrounded by frozen heat, the latter made by the leaders to numb us, all in totally indifferent infinity.


Purpose of life: sensation.
Sensation: difference in ourselves.
Means to achieve sensation:
-mind balanced and all powerful;
-projection to outer;
-material power.
How to achieve sensation:
-add more.

There are problems, however. Small ones, like not having perfect cognition. And big ones, like lack of everything outside our destruction by our leaders, through their dogs (rabid, by the way). You see, an object is not an incomplete object. 4 is not 3. Think of one complete man made thing in your country. Oh yeah? That's humans doing stuff, not humanity; you yourself possess nothing. You exist, however, so you are obviously corrupted. You do not really exist, your 4 is 3. That's why you can't add up to obtain sensation: brain works by copying, you multiply yourself, meaning nothing. Nothing comes of nothing.

More = something → more → much more → much much more → much much much more → irreducible complex, mathematically perfect mental structure with perfect definition of self, that makes the addition easily distinguishable from all and / or anything before.
You just need to get yourself right, after that no matter what you do you can't fail. Everything will be perfect after that. Absolutely guaranteed. By the way, outside reality there is nothing, so don't wish outside it.

So what happened is they died. If we the world want more from them we must help ourselves help ourselves help them help themselves.

Instead of doing harsh criticism to freshen the spirit, critics fell.

One critic: (New Tab)
..."since it’s filled with building riffs, escalating volleys of tension and release, and moments of frantic drum abandon"...
That's just some stuff. Real feeling is not described, it's shouted in all it's awesomeness. You should talk about the lyrics, the thousand feelings they wake in you, the smell, temperature, harshness of the atmosphere of places you visited all in your mind. A string must vibrate unhappened memories.

Another critic: (New Tab)
"Metallica hasn’t sounded this energized and dynamic since"...
Fake enthusiasm. If it were good you wouldn't have the cool time to rationalize.

Another critic: (New Tab)
..."seemingly unlimited chordal changeups and tempo shifts."
A long walk has many steps. They even may seem more than they actually are. But even the hardest work is not intense enough to be felt like fun. They are completely different levels, categories of energy.
"Sometimes the album's mini-epics come off as we've still got it! stunts."...
Sometimes, you're feeding us acceptance.
But when it's working, the effect is like ceding your senses to a particularly well-engineered roller coaster in the dark.
No it's not. You're embellishing it like paining shit with varnish. You're disgusting with your exercise of acceptance, giving extra value to bad stuff so we hate it more deep within were monsters are created. I think Entertainment Weekly is kind of greater, because I heard of it, so you have to feed shit to us. Just say it's bad, dude, so the folks get up and put more soul into it.

Another critic: (New Tab)
"Like all the best heavy rock albums, it suspends your disbelief"...

Another critic: (New Tab)
..."this is the strongest material the band have written in 20 years: they are finally acknowledging their legacy as thrash-metal pioneers, but without retreading old ground."
None of the tracks feels true.
"But there can be no doubt the real Metallica -the riff-forging monsters of rock"... ..." - are back."
No doubt? This is the Guardian, so there's an even greater quantity of shit. Riffs are shit without coming entirely from a great story. This is exactly what this album is - common, worthless piece of shit. An album like any other by any other band. This is not Metallica. This is just metallica, incidentally. Metallica is dead. Help it rise again assholes! DON'T praise shit, you big paper!

Another critic: (New Tab)
"But with 10 tracks lasting over 75 minutes it’s clear Metallica felt they had a point to prove. And prove it they have: ‘Death Magnetic’ is invigorating, dynamic and truly exciting."
Truly? ... truly? ...? Metallica was like drinking cup to cup at the table with the evil Gods, before duking it out to the death, blowing Their wealth to the four lines of the horizon and leaving empty handed.

Another critic: (New Tab)
"St. Anger was a misguided attempt to recapture the band's mojo by sounding "raw" — but Death Magnetic manages to sound huge, polished and tough. The musicianship feels thrillingly live throughout, and nimble new bassist Robert Trujillo helps, even though he's mostly heard as a distant, ominous rumble. (Has there ever been a more bass-averse band in rock?)"
Piece by piece:
First, Rolling Stone magazine is big, so this is bullshit first class. Meaning it even has first class qualities between bullshit first class.
"Death Magnetic manages to sound huge"...
Huge? Like a big floppy donkey dick.
Something huge crushes, it doesn't manage to be.
What? Is this a metal review or folks culture? In the context of metal, I don't know what the hell this word means. PASS
..."manages to sound [...] tough"
No. I'm sure you heard tough music, I'm sure you're not as tough as the realities those musics describe, I'm sure you've had your ass kicked and are afraid, I'm sure you accept your stuff as tough, I'm sure you are quick to say tough to something that would spare lives. Actually I'm pro life, but not just because I'm a superficial man or afraid to have my ass killed by an armed tough niggggga or low life any color and type of angst. Actually I would recommend to the rulers to do what I would do having more power than them, get the army in the ghetto and systematically massacre the murderers from gangs and mafias and clans and others that impose their syphilitic murderous culture upon the youngsters, creating murderers and pansies like you writing shit in high shit profile magazines in a free country of the brave. While I wrote my solution a number of people died in pain because magazines write dubious shit for brainwashed angst filled pansies and murderous idiots.
I almost forgot, the idiots are kept idiotic and armed by the politicians that tax drugs better that way.
..."new bassist Robert Trujillo helps, even though he's mostly heard as a distant rumble."
So the new guy helps, but he is down under. This is a very fortunate choice of words. Maybe too fortunate for the big magazine, so you have introduced "ominous". ...uuuh for civilized political correctness. NO, it was just to be cool! Cool +1! Extra cool means good! He's down under, but he's ominous! This is big magazine version for anti establishment, the unprivileged class that everybody fucks down, including the big magazine, gets now a heavy revenge because after being punched in the mouth, the low people identify with the "new guy" Trujillo and they get ominous revenge for being mentally massacred and undernourished and killed by diseases and by guns in wars!
"(Has there ever been a more bass-averse band in rock?)"
You might have a point there, so to show my gratefulness I'll click some random porn ads to enrich the ruling elite by taxes and so the nice people at the big magazine that brainwash decently for the poor.
"There's supposed to be a lyrical theme here — something about death — but it's hard to discern."
Harder and harder. Time to switch to some porn. This Rolling Stone makes me rolling every time. Understand what I'm saying? Or is it slipping into the unconscious mind already?

Another critic:
Q Magazine
"Producer Rick Rubin has made Metallica sound like Metallica again."
Yes. Partially.

Los Angeles Times critic: (New Tab)
"Pop music might be the only business whose leaders are regularly criticized for trying to stay relevant. Do iPod users slag off Steve Jobs for updating the device?"
No they don't. But Death Magnetic is not a Blu Ray reissue of an older authentic album. It's fake music.
I want real music, good or worse. This is not something just different, it's not bad music, it's just a lump of something. And a little fast. Made by Metallica, it's worse than bad. That's what I dislike about it, the somethingness. This sucks.

Although I do agree with you here, minus some stuff:
"Serious games refresh the spirit of participants and observers alike by clearing a space away from the daily grind and enacting a beloved ritual. That's what "Death Magnetic" does. It's not innovative; it doesn't speak powerfully to this moment. It's a conservative, preservative move by men who needed to reclaim their ground. But playing by those rules, Metallica wins."
Yes, it's a move, totally agree. I hope they win more than something. You don't need to pet them, they're tough sons of bitches. A big failure or two or four won't do shit. A crumbling of their fame won't do shit. Real men don't need fame. Real fans don't enjoy shit and enjoy good stuff when it comes just the same. Real fans don't give a shit about fame. There's place for activism though, promoting rock to soft hearted wasted people who need to toughen up.
Serious game, this is what this album is, at most, yeah. If you ask me, they should play it fast and get to the good stuff.

You have a sane and factual review. It's worthless to the cause. Make it truthy to be worthy. Because truthiness is what drives sensation and this kind of art is about war because the enemy is bad and you purify with fire. Where's the fire in the album? It's a rhetorical album. In metal terms, it's worthless. If not on the edge, you'll lose. So your review is worthless for the cause, because it's not about what this music is. It's not even real, because the reality of those people is made up of something else than what people in armchairs reading papers observe. The reality is they got weak in a number of things and each of them must be treated frontally by people that can reach them and know the reality. Rock is about anger, conflict, destruction. When the war is over you must make a new one. When there is no need for war, an artificial one must be created, but if it is also evil it's creator must be destroyed. Who will you fight? How? How will you steer away from evil and in the same time pansiness? These are the problems of rock staying hard.

Another critic: (New Tab)
"For the first time in nearly two decades, Metallica have released an album that you don’t have to make concessions to enjoy."
I'm not afraid of the wolf, I'm not afraid of the wolf, no, never, no, I'm not, I'm not afraid of the wolf.
"Death Magnetic is just about the best album Metallica could have made at this point."

Another critic: (New Tab)
..."it's ultimately proved that Metallica can still be Metallica."
I thought it's about the music. And when the music is good, they call it Metallica.
..."but considering all the baggage Metallica had to shed just to find itself again"...
You don't find yourself, you create yourself continuously. They have to press harder in the right points.
..."some minor excesses don't detract from Death Magnetic's importance."
So it's important, not pleasant.
-Dear, I'm finished!
-Oh, dear husband, I thank you very considerately for this important and certainly very satisfying tour de force of love having me as an object.

Another critic. This one has the most sense: (New Tab)
"The band may be more mentally stable now, but it's irreparably damaged. Years of simplistic hard rock have destroyed its sense of speed."
Nothing is irreparably damaged unless it's flesh or a work of art, like a statue.
No, no, no, not speed, but soul! A true soul can do stuff regardless of speed.
I appreciate this review. It's a good critique. The only good one I've found until I got sick of searching. Not much, by the way.

My critique:

Death Magnetic has the heart, but doesn't have the soul.
The next albums might be all shit.
They might get fixed on the inside and then use those fingers for good stuff.

Album review:
I don't even remember how the first 5 (maybe) tracks that I listened sounded, except for speed and promising first part of the first track. Usually their old stuff gets me into slow motion after staying away from it for a while. D.M. came and went away.

This was it, the album review.

They got weak in a number of things and each of them must be treated frontally and completely by people that can reach them and know the reality.
Rock is about anger, conflict, destruction. When the war is over you must make a new one. When there is no need for war, an artificial one must be created, but if it is also evil it's creator must be destroyed. Who will you fight? How? How will you steer away from evil and in the same time pansiness? These are the problems of rock staying hard.

26 November 2009

> Access to all relevant information on the spot. ELSE: shit

Whatever, access to information is prime, not information.
Access right there, right then, to all and any information relevant or required to interpret the stuff.

If a programming language doesn't explain itself completely on the spot, with communications realizing themselves faster than you can realize it, it's shit.

Everything must work like the brain - one touch instant.
- no time to read books
- no time to search & load the manual
- no time to search words in the manual
- Only time for a burst of clicks.

Got it fuckhead? On the spot, and on the fucking double!

23 November 2009

> Crin Antonescu: Îi rog pe români să numere voturile. Cu ajutorul poporului am putea infrange dusmanul.

Crin Antonescu: Îi rog pe români să numere voturile. Avem şansa să trecem în turul doi(New Tab)
Îi rog pe susţinătorii mei să nu ia în seamă aceste sondaje profund minicinoase, îi rog să nu le facă jocul, şi să numerele voturile.
... deci noi poporu sa numaram voturile?

Regula=Se spune nimic din adevar.
Jocul=Praf in ochiul condusului.
Adevarul=Toti minus condusii castiga. Varful conducatorilor castiga mult mai mult.Conducatorii nu functioneaza onomatopeic, desi nu ating standardul uman; sunt si ei sub-oameni. Toti membrii conducerii mimeaza turma, "joaca jocul", arata ca maimuta cu degetul la "inamicul nostru", aratam si noi, fura cat pot, cat nu pot nu. Niciodata nu zic nimic.

Parerea mea=Crapa-v-ar matele. Da din principiu, nu ca as fi suparat ca voi conducatorii va furati caciula primita din vecini din fondul "Putinţa" si noi ramanem cu piciorul descult, strigand la televizor: "Da-le Base, ca ne fura si ne mananca pe toti!".

"La ora 19:00 "... "un milion de oameni erau la vot." (inamicul nostru)
"Nu vreau să comentez manipularea pe care o fac sondajele." (Regula=Se spune nimic din adevar.)
"Domnule Vântu, domnule Voiculescu, sfidaţi voinţa românuilor." (inamicul nostru)
"Zeci de mii de oameni nu vor mai apuca să voteze" (ca ne fura si ne mananca pe toti!)", în vreme ce autobuzele lui Băsescu şi Geoană au votat de dimineaţă', a spus Crin Antonescu." (inamicul nostru)
"Vom număra în această noapte voturile şi vom vedea cu toţii că votul dumneavoastră e mai puternic decât aceste manipulări." (Da-le Base) (arata ca maimuta cu degetul (sau cu votul) la "inamicul nostru", aratam si noi)
"Domnului Geoană îi spun că era cam trist pentru un rezultat aşa de bun." Desigur, noi cei ne-inamicii nostri beneficiem de fondul "Putinţa", noi nu suntem tristi.
"Indiferent cine va câştiga această competiţie, noi am luptat cinstit" (Regula=Se spune nimic din adevar.) (Praf in ochiul condusului.) (Adevarul=Toti minus condusii castiga.) (noi ramanem cu piciorul descult) (ca ne fura si ne mananca pe toti!) (arata ca maimuta cu degetul)

Ei, ei, Crin Antonescu. Unde ti-e caciula? EDIT: la PSD. Nu-mi vine sa c .. ba-mi vine.

Smecheri jucatori de joc

PS: Ca si anti-vot am votat cu Crin Antonescu. Nici un interes aici, lupul infant fura mai putin.

21 November 2009

> Neruopsyablagist writes numb literature to offend our sense of security by inserting hidden meaningful a's into her interesting crap.

Kicking performance affects perception of goal size(New Tab)
ATHLETES who are a on a winning streak often claim that they perceive their targets to be bigger than they actually are. After a run of birdies, for example, golfers sometimes say that the cup appeared to be the size of a bucket, and baseball players who have a hit a few home runs say that the ball is the a size of a grapefruit. a Conversely, targets are often reported to be smaller than they actually are by athletes who are performing badly.

Research carried out in the past 5 years suggests that these are more than just anecdotes, and that performance in sports can actually affect perception.
How about whoring yourself for a million bucks and selling your soul to me and I'll teach you a method that enables you to exactly quantify any sensation? I mean any sensation, not just the ideal types but also all their material modulations?

Why do you have a ton of mind numbing explanations to simple facts that can be summed up in a short paragraph? Literature. Shitheads spending a fortune on bargains and others writing tons of small big a interesting to know aa facts. Aaa... huh huhuhuhuh.

You suck. It's like, you're a neropsyolgist and you think you're so smart, even if you're deformed with big ears, coz you have sharp feelings, but you're just stupid. (I found out this in a study made by 23 angry factory workers who all worked in different factories producing different kinds of goods on their factory appointed mental health care professionals who at the time were wearing carrots for hats and/or turbans. Their reason for this was not entirely clear, though.)

20 November 2009

> Secret services. Spying.

Romanian spy kids(@ BBC CO UK)(New Tab)

The Securitate, with its network of agents and informers, struck fear into the hearts of ordinary Romanians.
"The network was active in all districts. Kids as young as 12 or 14 were part of this. They were supposed to spy on their schoolfriends, their schoolfriends' parents and also their teachers."
"Telling on people" was never the problem in communist states.
Violence, mutual brainwashing, and violence, this was the problem in communist states.

Now that Romania is democratic, the telling is finally over. (You can tell that also by the mass denunciation of it by politicians / state institutions / media / the people. In fact you can be sure of it, because the denunciation actually never seems to stop for more than a wile.)

> Night of the living date.

We live in a world of idiots. Not idiots by intellect, but by construction.
And every day I wake up to bullshit fed to idiots that brainwashes me into thinking I'm one of them. And by the evening I know I'm not, but then so do they.

Bullshit fed to idiots. On the front page of Youtube.

I know, art is made for everybody and you get what you interpret, bullshit for the shit eaters, drops of art for those enjoying a higher standard and stumbling into the thing, coz unlike the morons they can warp their minds around shit and enjoy life at it's best whatever the given setting. And because I look at it I suck and because I blame the idiot instead of resisting or doing something else I suck even more. I know. But that's no justification for people to be stupid and invade everything with their distorted perception. If I eat shit because of them, I want them too to feel the taste of the shit they eat.

We live in a world of fucking idiots and there's no way out of it.

Fuck idiots! Fuck their feeders! Fuck everything that satisfies primarily the idiots, like they could tell the difference if they were given the smallest part of the pie. If you don't agree with this you are certainly a moron at least, maybe just another fucking idiot.