24 December 2009

> Roger Ebert 2001: A Space Odyssey. FAIL.

Roger Ebert 2001: A Space Odyssey (New Tab)

"The fascinating thing about this film is that it fails on the human level but succeeds magnificently on a cosmic scale.

Kubrick's universe, and the space ships he constructed to explore it, are simply out of scale with human concerns. The ships are perfect, impersonal machines which venture from one planet to another, and if men are tucked away somewhere inside them, then they get there too.

But the achievement belongs to the machine. And Kubrick's actors seem to sense this; they are lifelike but without emotion,[...]"

So without emotion.

When I saw 2001 my brain flooded itself with chemicals. I was literally on drugs; natural drugs. I had a hyper heightened state of perception. I experienced deep, resonating waves of pleasure, sensing every object in the movie like it was an extension of me. A far, far away extension of me.

The movie succeeded beyond words at a human level. This is how it is, pecker head:

Everything in the world is perfect. Imperfectness is perfect, like everything. Stones are perfect. Humans are perfect. Imperfect humans perfecting themselves do it perfectly; while they fail miserably also.

In their imperfectness, the people of hardly reachable success like the ones doing the deeds in the movie, are seen as they are, in a state of perfectness chosen by God to bear the next evolutionary step. Their imperfectness is Godliness. It is awesome. It is spirit shattering. This goes on from the first images and through the entire movie. The presence of man and intelligence is shattering in every frame, felt a thousand times, infinite, inextinguishable, every time greater than the any.

The desert pictures at the beginning were forebearing everything the movie would be. Some say yes, nice pictures but, but I say you just refuse to allow yourself to exert synthetic propositions based on perfect, complete affective propositions. Your affection cannot grow, because, only because and completely because you can not get one single perfect grain of affectivity. You cannot multiply to reach infinity starting from something that is less than itself.

Your affection and realness is dead, dude.

P.S.: I have a hundred good things to say about you at each bad thing. I'll never forgive you, you trashed the greatness of 2001. The unbelievable greatness, absolutely flawless greatness, colossal, incomprehensible infinite greatness of 2001, by shitting in the middle of it with your demented affectivity judgement. Humanly, you are the monkey who never sees the special nature of the right angled corners.

you ape!
i want to beat you up! ... not

EDIT: I'm really gonna fucking beat you up for this

... not

"Kubrick's universe [...] simply out of scale with human concerns."
Here it is, your petty human concerns: dying of hunger, because food is too nutritious and makes us live. bad thing.