02 March 2010

> Copyfight. End of story.

CopyRight. CreationRight.

- Fill everything with "Donate" button. Repeat: everything.
20 cents.
40 cents.
50 cents.
75 cents.
1 dollar.
2 dollars.
4 dollars.
6 dollars.
10 dollars.

- Market PayPal like crazy. And others like it.

Everytime I steal a song I like, I push the next to me Donate button and hit 20 cents. For a movie, maybe 50 cents, maybe 1 dollar. For a Kubrick, maybe the whole parking lot. I'm poor, that's it. Add the numbers. Right holders get the money.

If you grow a second foot, don't cut the first one, idiot.
EDIT end

End of story.
If you feel you have something to add, blow your fucking brains out.