14 January 2010

> What must:

What must:

A round square green rhombic triangle equals 2.445 if and only if it's in my slightest advantage and absolutely no disadvantages, and only in that interval where the former singular condition is met, and only if I specifically choose all the/at reality to exist, and absolutely ever nothing shall exist unless and for the exact interval I choose to.

All this equals with . and because of this I think-exist/am all reality instant.


PS: Fuck "big brother", those half assed fucking fucks, , , , , , , , , , , ,

PS2: and not-their hundreds of thousands years old religion too

EDIT: There is not world wide conspiracy against the stupider. ThERe is No worLD wIDE  consPIRAcY agaInSt ThE sTUpid. THERE IS NO WORLD WIDE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE stupid. There is no world wide conspiracy against the STUPID.

Just because you can repeat doesn't mean you understand. JUST because YOU can REPEAT doesn't MEAN you UNDERSTAND. JusT BEcauSE You cAN RepeAT Does'NT Mean YOU undERStanD.

Leg is for walking, but not everybody will move, you know what I'm saying?
Hand is for doing, but not everybody gets it done, you know what I'm saying?
Food is for oral, but not everybody eats it, you know what I'm saying?
Sex is for doing it, are you sex?
Eyes are for seeing, but not everybody sees as I, know what I'm saying?
Now mind is for knowledge. I won't say anything here.
Memory is for things that exist, you know what you've done?
Wits is for doing the better than that, will you know what I'm saying?
Will is to get it done, are you gonna do it?

What's missing, dickhead?