20 November 2009

> Night of the living date.

We live in a world of idiots. Not idiots by intellect, but by construction.
And every day I wake up to bullshit fed to idiots that brainwashes me into thinking I'm one of them. And by the evening I know I'm not, but then so do they.

Bullshit fed to idiots. On the front page of Youtube.

I know, art is made for everybody and you get what you interpret, bullshit for the shit eaters, drops of art for those enjoying a higher standard and stumbling into the thing, coz unlike the morons they can warp their minds around shit and enjoy life at it's best whatever the given setting. And because I look at it I suck and because I blame the idiot instead of resisting or doing something else I suck even more. I know. But that's no justification for people to be stupid and invade everything with their distorted perception. If I eat shit because of them, I want them too to feel the taste of the shit they eat.

We live in a world of fucking idiots and there's no way out of it.

Fuck idiots! Fuck their feeders! Fuck everything that satisfies primarily the idiots, like they could tell the difference if they were given the smallest part of the pie. If you don't agree with this you are certainly a moron at least, maybe just another fucking idiot.