11 June 2010

> The single bad thing in internet advertising.

The single bad thing in internet advertising:

It doesn't shut the fuck up.

Standardized law-or-something enforced stylized thick margin, non blinking, standard placement, minimum 3-4 seconds before image change, no transitions, or very fast, smooth, scientifically determined transitions (e.g. StarCraft menus!), or single interval instant transitions absolutely not outside sensorial acuity motion interval, modulated by 2 and 3, with 0 (zero!) non linear progression, or if you choose to abuse progression rules you'll have your fingers smashed with a hammer you fucking imbecile escaped free into the marketing business directly from the non-existent idiot asylum from the proletariat areas, yes I know, it's their fault, and God's coz he didn't kill them, and another stylized margin outside the margin, so the eye will evade the indiscreet advertisement beyond the first clean margin until the conscious decision to examine it with full interest has been put into action and so a quick pop to the other side will instantly recall all the potential consumer's interests and practical will to buy.

TO BUY you fucking morons! Who the fuck sells anything with this bullshit marketing? Donkey ass rimming fart knocking buttwipe weak pathetic fools from the stone, bone, wood and mammoth feces on fire age.

DIIIIEEE! And all your fucking commercials!

23 April 2010

> Browse la infinit

Ctrl-F revolutionand secolele, prin acces mai rapid decat acum 5 minute(New Tab)

Vrei sa gasesti ceva -rapid- pe internet? Incearca o lista!

Cu ...110 de rahat de pagini, care nici sa le deschid in serie, ca is cate cinci, si apoi inca 100 de reclame / pagina ca sa dau open la inca 5...

...ca daca imi aleg sa fie 123... toate paginile in rand pana la ...110, si sa dau click pe ... 63! .... nu-i bine, ca asa muncitorii jegosi de-au facut siturile astea nu sunt idioti la maximu posibil dupa legea cretinismului aleator probabil.

EDIT: "next", la cretinoizii normali arunca 5 pagini noi la caine. Next-ul www.kappa.ro arunca o pagina, ca e elegant cala matan pizda sa faci CLICK. Romanul stie.

04 March 2010

> Maddox's suicide article is right. He's not. Neither detractors.

Article: Suicide isn't so bad, give it a chance.(New Tab)
Answers to mail.(New Tab)

The article is good. The mail answers and general attitude is shitty. Making justice in article and being the problem outside it is shitty.

Mail answers:
..."anyone who would come to my page and read that article, and then take it seriously enough to end their lives has problems more serious than depression: the problem they have is Stupid."
"Stupid is a very serious disease."
"Here are some symptoms of Stupid:"...
"You kill yourself over a web page."
"If people who read my site end up killing themselves over it, then you have to wonder how long they would have lived in the first place."
People who are shit, miserable, stare at no way out and know they won't find one should kill themselves. This is a cold motherfucking fact of life and your ass ain't going to get them out of it. Not even by putting them all in the same category with Enya listeners. (By the way, unbraindead people have actual sensations, that feel like normal sensations, but just way more intense, and Enya is a chill down added to those sensations that you have. Not!) (By the way, 99.9% of Enya listeners should get a vasectomy, like those 99.8% who stumbled over that great shit and then left for chips, beverages or serious stuff.)

The article: Right.
Maddox should do in outer-article life what he does in articles. Instead he bullshits because this is his normal concentration level. When apex, he wrote the idea.

The whole idea:

When you're shit completely and there's no way out, you have to off yourself.
The good part is you can off only your spirit and your body will make a new one. Your body stays alive. -you still die. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to kill you.

The valid way to do this is to kill your shitty solutions to everything, and everything you do, which is shit. It's all shit, that's why you own a $15,000 dollar car with racing stripes on it.

Your best bet, since meditation, nirvana and prayer is obsolete, is to have guys like the author wade your crap in shit until neck with absolutely no fucking reason or justification of any kind.

Violence is justified by violence. Actions are justified by themselves. Suicide is only the natural option. As is life. Your problem is that at each of your shit you respond with each of a fucked up reason. And you make up a f.u. reason from another one. You're off by one at every step. You're off by many every time. You're totally off. Your only solution is to ACT P at each step instead of reasoning. Shove yourself into the reality: YOU'RE SHIT. YOU ACT P W/O REASONING OR DIE.
THIS is the justification of the article

It's well made and puts reason later, not completely out. It's filled with obvious cognition style errors that get in on the stuff, so you waste no time thinking that the all important reason and logic is just suspended until reconstructed.

Got it, fuck head?

Maddox is exciting the singular course of action nerve in the article, and in the mail answers he skips the all important point, like "die shit, ::insert pain::, die" and goes to what every common useless failure does, he says: You're unbetter than me. You're such a fucking loser and in so much pain, you hurt my feelings when I see you. Go and die and leave us winners just be. I'm such a winner. The agonizing prone to suicide success-challenged thing already knows he's worthless and gets neither a great amount of pain nor help nor both.

Don't search answers in Maddox's answers, read the stuff and do your own. Yapping bitches.

02 March 2010

> Copyfight. End of story.

CopyRight. CreationRight.

- Fill everything with "Donate" button. Repeat: everything.
20 cents.
40 cents.
50 cents.
75 cents.
1 dollar.
2 dollars.
4 dollars.
6 dollars.
10 dollars.

- Market PayPal like crazy. And others like it.

Everytime I steal a song I like, I push the next to me Donate button and hit 20 cents. For a movie, maybe 50 cents, maybe 1 dollar. For a Kubrick, maybe the whole parking lot. I'm poor, that's it. Add the numbers. Right holders get the money.

If you grow a second foot, don't cut the first one, idiot.
EDIT end

End of story.
If you feel you have something to add, blow your fucking brains out.

14 January 2010

> Top dollar for shit

Those fucking piece of shit garbage objects! You just can't use nanotechnology with your hands and do the objects you need! You die or you use them! They want to be smart and live, look at me, I'm a living object, I'm the engine of life, take me in your soul and love me, I breed goodness in you, but they're just fucking substances, cut to pieces with shit for nothing inside! Fucking hate it, I can't break everything to pieces and stomp my foot in it's neck and kill it and kill it, coz I need it to live with it and not die. Just kill it and massacre it's factories, nail it's makers to the floor and shoot them in the head but before perforate them and crush their internal organs. And blow up their factories and bulldoze them to the pieces in the ground and pour napalm into it and blow it to fucking pieces and burn it day after day for all eternity in hell every week and every month. Just selling to me shit that's alive but's not alive, it's not intelligent, it's not following a plan of intelligence, the carcass has the ripples of life, but then they continue in some object that's not supposed to have the same properties, and no intelligent design ripples further in what should be if it were life, but it's just nothing, because the fucking designer is a mad starved hungry poor shit stupid mother fucker that just doesn't want to learn and do the right thing for the same amount of cost, because he thinks he's so fucking up there, so fixed up, so settled with his fucking meaningless job and stupid cunt wife that's ugly like a pig but he sees her like a model in the magazines that they read, because they afford that new level of life because they're so intelligent and got those good jobs and shitty stupid as fuck friends that can't have the slightest rocking orgy without drunking themselves to a stone and lightening themselves up with pot, the worming unwiped ass fucking fucks, pigs, animals, cows in the road of progress, they think they're so smart, watching those fucking series movies on TV and crying their inner child to sleep, going on vacations and seeing the sights, guided by paid people, taking pictures of their demented smiles laughing it off and twisting words in the middle of nature, with electric cables in their pictures and their fucking tents, where they fuck with sexual intercourse at the breast of mother nature enjoying the money they do while cunt-whoring themselves to their bosses who tell them to create the next big thing in their shitty market competition, advertising the shit they create out of their meaningless lives with the same half assed mechanisms they brain deadly follow at creating them, the worthless fucks... the fucking cunts that breed infected life into my veins pumping in my head, smearing all over my brain the insipid shallow stupid design that imitates biological life intelligence, schizophrenic traits that feed mangled monads, primordial mathematical structures to my cognition, continuously creating life that could not live, material existence that would crush in itself back to oblivion, unable to sustain itself as physical existence, smearing my perception, filling everything they can sell to with their shit, their worthless incompetent shit, the fucking losers, the fucking goddamned losers that nobody crushes down, nobody educates, all the fucking mighty elite isn't capable of doing swift shit of those fucking infinite herds of losers that eat and shit all the resources all over the place, god fucking damn them to hell I hate them

> What must:

What must:

A round square green rhombic triangle equals 2.445 if and only if it's in my slightest advantage and absolutely no disadvantages, and only in that interval where the former singular condition is met, and only if I specifically choose all the/at reality to exist, and absolutely ever nothing shall exist unless and for the exact interval I choose to.

All this equals with . and because of this I think-exist/am all reality instant.


PS: Fuck "big brother", those half assed fucking fucks, , , , , , , , , , , ,

PS2: and not-their hundreds of thousands years old religion too

EDIT: There is not world wide conspiracy against the stupider. ThERe is No worLD wIDE  consPIRAcY agaInSt ThE sTUpid. THERE IS NO WORLD WIDE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE stupid. There is no world wide conspiracy against the STUPID.

Just because you can repeat doesn't mean you understand. JUST because YOU can REPEAT doesn't MEAN you UNDERSTAND. JusT BEcauSE You cAN RepeAT Does'NT Mean YOU undERStanD.

Leg is for walking, but not everybody will move, you know what I'm saying?
Hand is for doing, but not everybody gets it done, you know what I'm saying?
Food is for oral, but not everybody eats it, you know what I'm saying?
Sex is for doing it, are you sex?
Eyes are for seeing, but not everybody sees as I, know what I'm saying?
Now mind is for knowledge. I won't say anything here.
Memory is for things that exist, you know what you've done?
Wits is for doing the better than that, will you know what I'm saying?
Will is to get it done, are you gonna do it?

What's missing, dickhead?

13 January 2010

> Text select in everything sucks.

Ctrl arrow jumps to plus space.

I don wan no moda fucking space.

Every text manipulator treats punctuation differently, so it's never predictable. You can learn them all separately, but there goes an extra 100ms for decision.

If I want to cut THIS word, I want the cursor to hit the word, I'll wisely add the space when/r-ever the fuck I want, don't fucking ask me.

I want / it's better / it's best to put spaces myself instead of fucking around endlessly because of your incompetent fucking help.