11 June 2010

> The single bad thing in internet advertising.

The single bad thing in internet advertising:

It doesn't shut the fuck up.

Standardized law-or-something enforced stylized thick margin, non blinking, standard placement, minimum 3-4 seconds before image change, no transitions, or very fast, smooth, scientifically determined transitions (e.g. StarCraft menus!), or single interval instant transitions absolutely not outside sensorial acuity motion interval, modulated by 2 and 3, with 0 (zero!) non linear progression, or if you choose to abuse progression rules you'll have your fingers smashed with a hammer you fucking imbecile escaped free into the marketing business directly from the non-existent idiot asylum from the proletariat areas, yes I know, it's their fault, and God's coz he didn't kill them, and another stylized margin outside the margin, so the eye will evade the indiscreet advertisement beyond the first clean margin until the conscious decision to examine it with full interest has been put into action and so a quick pop to the other side will instantly recall all the potential consumer's interests and practical will to buy.

TO BUY you fucking morons! Who the fuck sells anything with this bullshit marketing? Donkey ass rimming fart knocking buttwipe weak pathetic fools from the stone, bone, wood and mammoth feces on fire age.

DIIIIEEE! And all your fucking commercials!