04 March 2010

> Maddox's suicide article is right. He's not. Neither detractors.

Article: Suicide isn't so bad, give it a chance.(New Tab)
Answers to mail.(New Tab)

The article is good. The mail answers and general attitude is shitty. Making justice in article and being the problem outside it is shitty.

Mail answers:
..."anyone who would come to my page and read that article, and then take it seriously enough to end their lives has problems more serious than depression: the problem they have is Stupid."
"Stupid is a very serious disease."
"Here are some symptoms of Stupid:"...
"You kill yourself over a web page."
"If people who read my site end up killing themselves over it, then you have to wonder how long they would have lived in the first place."
People who are shit, miserable, stare at no way out and know they won't find one should kill themselves. This is a cold motherfucking fact of life and your ass ain't going to get them out of it. Not even by putting them all in the same category with Enya listeners. (By the way, unbraindead people have actual sensations, that feel like normal sensations, but just way more intense, and Enya is a chill down added to those sensations that you have. Not!) (By the way, 99.9% of Enya listeners should get a vasectomy, like those 99.8% who stumbled over that great shit and then left for chips, beverages or serious stuff.)

The article: Right.
Maddox should do in outer-article life what he does in articles. Instead he bullshits because this is his normal concentration level. When apex, he wrote the idea.

The whole idea:

When you're shit completely and there's no way out, you have to off yourself.
The good part is you can off only your spirit and your body will make a new one. Your body stays alive. -you still die. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to kill you.

The valid way to do this is to kill your shitty solutions to everything, and everything you do, which is shit. It's all shit, that's why you own a $15,000 dollar car with racing stripes on it.

Your best bet, since meditation, nirvana and prayer is obsolete, is to have guys like the author wade your crap in shit until neck with absolutely no fucking reason or justification of any kind.

Violence is justified by violence. Actions are justified by themselves. Suicide is only the natural option. As is life. Your problem is that at each of your shit you respond with each of a fucked up reason. And you make up a f.u. reason from another one. You're off by one at every step. You're off by many every time. You're totally off. Your only solution is to ACT P at each step instead of reasoning. Shove yourself into the reality: YOU'RE SHIT. YOU ACT P W/O REASONING OR DIE.
THIS is the justification of the article

It's well made and puts reason later, not completely out. It's filled with obvious cognition style errors that get in on the stuff, so you waste no time thinking that the all important reason and logic is just suspended until reconstructed.

Got it, fuck head?

Maddox is exciting the singular course of action nerve in the article, and in the mail answers he skips the all important point, like "die shit, ::insert pain::, die" and goes to what every common useless failure does, he says: You're unbetter than me. You're such a fucking loser and in so much pain, you hurt my feelings when I see you. Go and die and leave us winners just be. I'm such a winner. The agonizing prone to suicide success-challenged thing already knows he's worthless and gets neither a great amount of pain nor help nor both.

Don't search answers in Maddox's answers, read the stuff and do your own. Yapping bitches.