21 November 2009

> Neruopsyablagist writes numb literature to offend our sense of security by inserting hidden meaningful a's into her interesting crap.

Kicking performance affects perception of goal size(New Tab)
ATHLETES who are a on a winning streak often claim that they perceive their targets to be bigger than they actually are. After a run of birdies, for example, golfers sometimes say that the cup appeared to be the size of a bucket, and baseball players who have a hit a few home runs say that the ball is the a size of a grapefruit. a Conversely, targets are often reported to be smaller than they actually are by athletes who are performing badly.

Research carried out in the past 5 years suggests that these are more than just anecdotes, and that performance in sports can actually affect perception.
How about whoring yourself for a million bucks and selling your soul to me and I'll teach you a method that enables you to exactly quantify any sensation? I mean any sensation, not just the ideal types but also all their material modulations?

Why do you have a ton of mind numbing explanations to simple facts that can be summed up in a short paragraph? Literature. Shitheads spending a fortune on bargains and others writing tons of small big a interesting to know aa facts. Aaa... huh huhuhuhuh.

You suck. It's like, you're a neropsyolgist and you think you're so smart, even if you're deformed with big ears, coz you have sharp feelings, but you're just stupid. (I found out this in a study made by 23 angry factory workers who all worked in different factories producing different kinds of goods on their factory appointed mental health care professionals who at the time were wearing carrots for hats and/or turbans. Their reason for this was not entirely clear, though.)